What is a Breathing Coach?

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The way we breathe has a profound impact on our everyday health and wellness. It’s such an important factor in our wellbeing; I decided to become a breathing coach. What is a breathing coach, you ask? Let’s dig into what a breath coach does and how it can help you feel better.

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What is a Breathing Coach?

Breathing is something we all do, but most of us have poor breathing habits that leave us stressed and exhausted. In fact, according to Dr. Belisa Vranich’s Ted Talk, 9 out of 10 of us breathe in a way that is out of sync with our bodies. This often leads to increased stress, neck and shoulder pain, decreased lung capacity, to name a few.  Dr. Belisa Vranich, clinical psychologist, author of BREATHE and The Breathing Class™, explains how the breath, the brain, and the nervous system work together.  She has developed a functional measurement known as the Breathing IQ (B-IQ), which establishes a baseline for your breathing habits.  As a breathing coach, my goal is to help you learn how to breathe efficiently, using the correct breathing muscles that promote your physical and emotional wellness.

A good breath coach will help you discover where your kryptonite is. Is it stress? Trouble sleeping? General fatigue or difficulty focusing? Then we’ll work on specific breathing techniques that address your individual needs.

 4 Reasons You Need a Breathing Coach

What are the specific benefits you get from working with a breathing coach? Here are just a few:

  1. Awareness

Most of us simply don’t think about how we breathe. When you start working with a breath coach, they help you tune into your habits. You’ll learn to bring awareness to your breath, and you’ll do specific exercises to improve your mindfulness while breathing.

Breath awareness is the first step to any breathwork practice.  

  1. Improve Physical and Emotional Wellbeing

Proper breathing techniques can make a huge difference in how you feel in your daily life. Here are a couple of ways working with a breathing coach can help you feel better: 

  • Calm mind and body. Good breathing habits use the primary breathing muscles and engage the diaphragm. Breathing this way activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This reduces stress and tension throughout the body. It also helps you feel calm and grounded.
  • Improved energy and focus. Poor breathing habits leave our bodies oxygen-starved. This leads to fatigue and foggy thinking. When we breathe properly, we feel naturally energetic and clear-headed. It’s easier to focus and get things done.


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  1. Personalized Guidance

Sometimes the trouble is that we just can’t tell if we’re breathing correctly. After years of quick, shallow breathing, it can take a little practice to get it right. A breathing coach can work directly with you to see precisely where you need the most help.

You might need help engaging the diaphragm to take deep breaths, or maybe you’re focusing too much on mouth breathing. A breath coach can spot these issues quickly and help you get on track.

  1. Accountability

We know we need to learn good breathing habits – but how do we stick with them? That’s one of the best benefits of having a breath coach: accountability. Research shows that it gives you a 95% chance of reaching your goal when you’re accountable to someone.

With a breathing coach, you know you have someone on your side. A coach will cheer you on and check-in to make sure you’re doing the work.

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