What You'll Learn from the Video Training:

↣ Two practical breathing exercises that you can start doing with your child today to reduce and manage their anxiety in this stressful season. 

↣ How to help your kids manage their anxiety through breathing exercises.

↣ Several common bad breathing habits to avoid when trying to reduce stress and anxiety.

↣ Four reasons why learning to breathe properly will improve your child’s life and reduce their anxiety.

I’ve always been a believer in breathing through stress and I thought I knew how to do it naturally. It wasn’t until my family and I were assessed by Stephanie that I found out I wasn’t breathing properly! I also learned I am a mouth breather when I sleep, which Stephanie is coaching me through.  I’ve never slept better!!

My son, Connor (12yo), and daughter, Elsa (9yo) have improved their breathing by using Stephanie’s BE Buddy tools. We have found it invaluable during this pandemic to carve out the time and focus on mindful breathing. Thank you!!

~ Christine F., Mom of two


My name is Stephanie Esser, M.A.Ed., RYT-200, Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor, and BREATHE™ Coach. 

The breath is a superpower, and I want to teach kids and families HOW to use it! The breath is the link between the mind and body. We have all heard the phrase when someone is upset or stressed, “Just breathe.” 

However, most people don’t know how to breathe correctly. This is my mission! I want to teach kids and families how to breathe the way the body wants to breathe. Making a simple change to your life can make such a positive difference to your health and wellbeing. As your breathing coach, I can help you learn how to use it! During my time teaching yoga and breathing exercises, I realized that children in our society experience a vast array of stressors that lead to anxiety and other health issues.

Our breath affects every aspect of our being, and it is something we can access anytime, anywhere, and it is FREE!. With a bit of training and awareness, kids can utilize this “superpower” throughout their life.