The Breathing Class™ Online Bundle​ (3 sessions)


Bundle and save! Get 3 BREATHE Class™ sessions for just $199!

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Session 1: The first 90-minute session for up to two participants will cover:

The Breathing Assessment begins with a conversation about your concerns and/or goals based on input from the Health Measurement Form.  Together we will set attainable goals and an individualized plan to meet those goals.

We will work together to learn the fundamentals of diaphragmatic breathing and improve your overall breathing habits by:

  • Determining your BREATHE™ (BIQ) grade-a functional baseline measurement used to monitor your progress and see results
  • Learning about different breathing styles
  • Identifying myths or misconceptions affecting your breathing style
  • Correcting postural issues
  • Learn how to breathe to calm the nervous system (rest & digest)

The process is like no other as it provides you with measurable results and simple steps towards better health and optimal breathing habits.  

Sessions 2 & 3

Breathing Exercise Sessions (two 60-minute breathwork sessions)

After completing the first session, we will schedule two dedicated breathing sessions (one week apart) to train the breathing muscles. We will focus on building strength and flexibility through a breathing workout that is customized to meet your goals. 

*All sessions should be scheduled within a 4-week period to build off of the previous week.  We will calculate the BIQ after each session to track progress. 

Recommended Age: 12 and up (*parents must be present for the first session if the child is under the age of 16)

My Coaching Process

  1. Assess your breathing style
  2. Teach you how to give yourself a functional test for breathing
  3. Teach you how to use the right muscles when you breathe
  4. Train the muscles
  5. Track results

*All breathing classes meet online.

What do I need for an online BREATHE™ session?

  • Computer, tablet, or iPhone for Zoom session
  • A quiet & uninterrupted space 
  • Yoga mat or towel
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Empty stomach
  • Water bottle
  • Tape measure (like this one)

*optional, but highly recommended-Dr. Belisa’s BREATHE™ Book


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