Hootie the Owl-BE Buddy


The BE Buddy® is a multisensory breathing pal and comforting eye pillow that will help your child relax, relieve stress, and build healthy self-care habits early in life. 

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Meet Hootie, a mindful exercise toy for stress relief and more!

Help your kids BREATHE well to BE well!

Meet the BE Buddy®

The BE Buddy® is not just some regular toy but a tool with a purpose. 

Relaxation is the opposite of stress, and deep breathing promotes relaxation. 

The BE Buddy® is a calming sensory breathing buddy and comforting eye pillow that will help your child relax, relieve stress, and build healthy self-care habits early in life.


The BE Buddy® is a unique calming toy to help kids:

  • learn relaxation skills to self-soothe and feel in control 
  • calm down before bed
  • stop stress in real-time through mindful breathing
  • feel calm and confident 
  • connect with themselves and the world around them

Why teach breathing and relaxation to kids?

Because of technology, kids are distracted and overstimulated. We now have very little control over the amount of anxiety-producing situations kids are exposed to. We live in a volatile, ever-changing, and uncertain world, so we must equip our youth with tools to better manage these stressors. 

This mindful exercise toy for stress relief is not only cute and colorful but the perfect bedtime companion to help kids self-soothe naturally.

Teaching children relaxation skills is the key to self-regulation and stress management. 

Breathing with the diaphragm is an essential skill to learn and practice, and this cute stuffed animal is a natural stress relief tool to build mindful kids one breath at a time!

Breath awareness is the first step to healthy breathing habits, and the BE Buddy® is the perfect pal to add to the daily or bedtime routine to help kids develop wellness from the inside out!

Meet Hootie the Owl:

I am Wise! Hi, my name is Hootie! I spend my time perched in a tree, observing the world below. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is nothing at all. Sitting in silence isn’t always easy, but it can help us learn more about ourselves and others. Let’s work together to stop and listen to our inner voice to help us learn and grow.

Use & Care:


SPOT CLEAN ONLY. Do not allow the natural fill of flaxseed and lavender to get wet as they could become gooey and lose their smell. 

Do not heat. 

FRONT MATERIAL: Eco Canvas is a 100% polyester canvas made with 45% recycled content 

BACK MATERIAL:  Celosia Velvet™ is a heavyweight, 100% polyester fabric with a short pile and elegant shimmer.

Filling: Filled with natural flax seed and dried lavender

Dimensions are  8” L x 4” W x 1” H 

Weight: 11 ounces

Additional information

Weight 11 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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