Breathing Bags for Kids



The breath is a superpower, and you can help your kids learn how to use it!

Breathing is with us wherever we go. It is an accessible and science-based approach to managing big feelings and strong emotions on the spot.

Teaching children proper breathing habits provides them with a simple but effective strategy for slowing down, both mentally and physically, helping them notice how they’re feeling and relax or calm down in the face of overwhelming emotions.

Some fun games and activities promote an extended exhale, and kids love having fun while they learn.

When we lengthen the exhale, we activate the relaxation response allowing our bodies to rest and reset. Exhalation exercises help kids learn how to slow their breath to settle their minds. Although, just like any skill, it takes consistency and practice. The breath is the most efficient and natural stress relief tool we have, so as parents, teachers, child therapists, coaches, yoga teachers, or anyone who supports children, have fun while teaching an essential life skill.

The breathing bag and activities make excellent stress relief gifts for kids and help kids build focus skills and self-regulation by learning how to use their breath to feel calm.

Help your kids discover the power of breathing on purpose!

• Handmade in the USA
• 100% organic cotton drawstring bag 5” x 7”
• For ages 3 and up

• 100% organic cotton drawstring bag
• Digital download (QR code) with 4 fun and simple breathing exercises
• 2 feathers
• 2 eco-friendly and reusable silicone breathing straws
• 2 biodegradable latex balloons
• Bubbles
• Large colorful pom poms (1”)
• Tiny colorful pom poms (1 cm.)


-Use the digital printables for personal use only.
-Print the digital breathing exercises to use with your children at home or in the classroom.
-Have fun playing the exhale activities!

-Give access to the digital printables to anyone else.
-Share the digital printables on the internet (even on a personal, classroom, or studio website).
-Share any digital products in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


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