Breathe Well, Stress Less Workshop 



Breathe Well, Stress Less Workshop 

Did you know that how you breathe directly impacts your mind, mood, and health?

Many of us get stuck in a stressed breathing pattern without realizing it.  This cycle can be interrupted, let us show you how!

Why Breathwork?

We breathe over 20,000 times a day, yet most people underestimate the power of the breath. 

83% of people with anxiety demonstrate some form of dysfunctional breathing. Source: Kiesel et al., 2017

The breath and stress connection is why we need to start paying attention to how we are breathing.  

You will leave with the tools to:

  • Discover your unique breathing style 
  • Learn the relationship between the breath, the brain, and the nervous system
  • Discover the psychology of breathing habits
  • Re-learn how to breathe well & stress less
  • Fix breathing habits that cause stress
  • Apply breathing exercises into your daily routine
  • Teach children healthy breathing techniques *if applicable

Who is this workshop for?

Parents, educators, therapists, health professionals, or anyone who wants to breathe better so that they can support children during their formative years. 

Time: recommended 60-90 minutes, but will be customized to meet your goals.


Online: $249 *60-90 minute Zoom session 

In-person: 15-minute discovery call link  “Learn More”

*Varies depending on unique goals, time, & location.

*During the discovery call, I will listen to your goals and will create a workshop specific to your needs.

The breath is the first and last thing we do on this earth, and it never leaves our side.  It is also:

  • Accessible (can be used anytime and anywhere)
  • Effective (and backed by the most recent neuroscience research)
  • Simple and inclusive
  • Free (drug-free and no cost)

The breath is a superpower! Learn how to use it to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, feel connected, and present in a noisy world.


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