1-on-1 Breathing Class & Assessment


The Breathing Assessment begins with a conversation about your concerns and/or goals based on input.  Together we will set attainable goals and an individualized plan to meet those goals.

NOTE: All sessions are virtual (Zoom).

If you are interested in in-person training, please email stephanie@balancingelephants.com 

After purchase, you’ll receive a follow-up email with more details and 

  1. Instructions on how to prepare for your class
  2. Health Measurement Form (this will help me understand your health goals) 
  3. New Client Intake Form

I look forward to guiding you on your breathwork journey!


The breath is your superpower. Learn how to use it!

Reduce Stress • Improve Focus • Boost Energy 

For Ages: 14 or older

Time: 90-minutes breathing basics, assessment & exercises

Cost: $399 per participant- purchase here

Online Session: Schedule Here

For in-person inquiries, please email Stephanie at stephanie@balancingelephants.com



Do you ever feel like you can’t take a deep breath? Do you have chronic neck and shoulder pain? Or do you often feel overwhelmed and stressed and want to learn a simple way to control stress and not let it control you?

If so, breathwork training is for you! Our breath directly influences many of our body systems and can be either helping or hurting you at all times. 

Breathwork is a simple, evidence-based tool you can use anytime and anywhere. This training will show you how to optimize your breath to manage stress, relieve pain, boost digestion & mood, and strengthen your lungs. 

Discover your unique breathing style and how it affects your mental, physical, and emotional health.


  • 1-90-minute live online breathwork session
  • Breathing assessments (3 breathing tests to get a baseline)
  • Learn about the science of breathing and how to optimize breathing 
  • Learn customized breathing exercises 
  • Individualized daily homework (10-15 minutes/day)



Adults over 14 years who want to learn about the science of breathing and how it affects stress and anxiety, performance, digestion, mood, and mental focus.  The main impact of this training is to improve breathing mechanics, boost lung health, and learn how to use the breath to influence the nervous system.  With practice, your body will respond to daily stressors more effectively because you will have trained it to adapt and respond versus react.  


  • Scientific– Evidence-based practices to affect the stress response quickly, reduce stress, and enhance mood, & energy. 
  • Simple– Can be done seated or lying down. I focus on the basics using plain English (no Sanskrit)
  • Safe & accessible-Meant for all ages and abilities.  I believe in empowering students with choice and agency that is trauma-sensitive.



Session #1: 90-minute Breathing Assessment & Breathing Basics

The breathing class & assessment begins with a conversation about your concerns and/or goals based on input from the Health Measurement Questionnaire. Together we will set attainable goals and an individualized plan to get your body breathing well again.

The process is like no other, providing measurable results and simple steps toward better health and optimal breathing habits.  


  • Learn about good breathing and bad breathing habits
  • Understand how the body wants to breathe 
  • Find out how to manage stress using the breath
  • Discover the diaphragm and how it is designed to work
  • Learn how to breathe to activate, balance, or calm the nervous system 
  • Practice simple exercises & create a simple routine to improve breathing habits


  • Computer, tablet, or iPhone for Zoom session
  • A quiet & uninterrupted space 
  • Yoga mat or towel
  • Comfortable clothing
  • Empty stomach
  • Water bottle
  • Tape measure (like this one)
  • *optional, but highly recommended-Dr. Belisa’s BREATHE™ Book 

    When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. 

    ~Author Unknown


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