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Why Relaxation?

When we rest, the body heals and allows us time to reflect, repair and rejuvenate our mind & body. In our society, many children are deprived of adequate quiet time. These opportunities provide a much-needed break from an overstimulated world allowing the nervous system to find its way to balance. Quiet moments of relaxation help children develop a sense of stillness that helps them focus, learn and become more aware of themselves and the people around them.


Rest with BE Buddy™

  1. Lie down on your back and place your BE Buddy™ on your belly so that it can go for a ride up and down as you breathe in and out slowly and deeply..
  2. If you are comfortable, close your eyes. Practice breathing into your belly filling it all the way up, and then slowly exhaling letting all the old air out.

Did you feel your BE Buddy ™ move up and down?

BE Comforted

  1. Place the weighted BE Buddy on your lap when upset or frustrated to allow for a cooling-off period.
  2. Take 3 big belly breaths while drawing in the scent of lavender to calm the body and settle the mind.
  3. Place the weighted BE Buddy over their eyes when anxious and need calming or comfort.

How does it feel for your body to be still?

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