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Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a practice that begins with paying attention to breathing in order to focus on the present, instead of focusing on worries or concerns from the past or the future. It is paying attention to the present moment on purpose and without judgment. This can be done in day-to-day activities like driving, eating, walking and in conversation.


BE with ME

  1. Sit in easy seat (legs crossed) on the floor with your shoulders stacked over your hips and your spine tall.
  2. Hold your BE Buddy (or an object that is special or interesting to you) in your hands with your arms resting comfortably on your lap or your desk.
  3. Focus all of your senses on your surroundings (your eyes can be open or closed) and take a moment to notice the different sensations including shape, size, color, texture, smell, or sounds it makes when observing.
  4. Allow your body to feel supported by the floor and pay attention to what’s happening around you right now.

Was there a particular sense that stood out?

Did you notice any sounds or smells?


Benefits of mindfulness practices:

Improves health and overall well-being

Helps students learn more effectively and improves academic performance

Reduces anxiety, depression and settles the mind and calms the body

 Generates empathy and compassion

Strengthens the neural systems of the brain

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