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83% of people with anxiety demonstrate some form of
dysfunctional breathing.

We breathe over 20,000 times a day, yet most people get stuck in a stressed breathing pattern without realizing it.

When you breathe wrong, it activates your fight or flight.  Without correcting this cycle, your mind and body
constantly fight to keep stress away. 

Thankfully, this cycle can be interrupted. Let me show you how!

Breathe Well, Stress Less:

A Breathwork Workshop for Beginners

Your breath is the only tool you have on you at all times.
You can use it to improve focus, stress less, and even stop panic attacks.


In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use your breath to create the habit of avoiding stress in any situation.

You will leave with the tools to:

Understand the Breath/Stress Connection

Learn the relationship between the breath, the brain, and the nervous system.


Learn the relationship between the breath, the brain, and the nervous system.


Fix Your Habitual Stressed Breathing Habits

Discover the psychology behind bad breathing habits
and fix the ones that cause stress.
You’ll know how to apply breathing exercises to your
daily routine!

Educate Others

Teach your friends, family, or children healthy
breathing techniques to help them reduce stress.

How It Works

This breathwork workshop is for parents, educators, therapists, health professionals, or anyone who wants to breathe better and stress less. It’s also the perfect class to pass on knowledge to support children during their formative years. 

Here’s how you can begin your learning journey:

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Step 1:
Click any button

Click any button on this page. You’ll be taken to my website, Balancing Elephants (where, hey, there’s a lot of free education on breath awareness!).

breathwork workshop taught by Stephanie Esser

Step 2:

Once you’re on the website, you can use Paypal or any credit card to become a member.

You’ll receive your receipt via email once your purchase is complete.

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Step 3:
Control Your Stress

Check your email for login information to the Breathe Well, Stress Less Workshop.
Sign in and get ready to take notes.

You’ll also receive extra tools such as PDFs, breathing exercises, and more!

Should you join?

If you’re a parent or educator who wants to learn how to stress less, my breathwork workshop is a great place to start.

The physical effects of stress on the body are tangible. This workshop can help you if you experience

    • Tension in your neck, shoulders, or back⁠
    • Uncontrollable stress and/or anxiety⁠
    • Chronic pain⁠
    • Low energy⁠
    • Sleep troubles⁠
    • Digestive problems⁠
    • Fogginess or lack of focus⁠
Stephanie Esser Breathing Coach

Meet Your Trainer: Stephanie Esser


Founder of Balancing Elephants The BE Buddy®
M.A.Ed., RYT-200, Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor,  BREATHE™ Coach, and certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.

The breath is your superpower, and my mission is to help kids and families learn how to use it! 

When I was a teacher, I began to realize that children experience many stressors that lead to anxiety and other health issues.

With anxiety rates on the rise, I was determined to help kids learn simple, yet effective tools to navigate life’s ups and downs.  The breath is directly linked to the nervous system and is the quickest way to interrupt the stress cycle (if done correctly).

Unfortunately, most people breathe inefficiently and in a way that fuels the stress cycle. The good news is, you can quickly correct this with awareness and practice.  Making a simple change to your life can make such a positive difference to your health and wellbeing!

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