Kids today are overstimulated with social media, streaming services, and video games. They lack focus, mindfulness, and the tools they need to thrive as adults.

This adds to the stress of teachingAnd you don’t need that. 

Research has shown that deep diaphragmatic breathing can improve concentration, calm the nervous system, and bring clarity to thinking.

This is why you need:
Professional Development Workshop:
Breathwork Teacher Training

In this group program, I teach parents, teachers, and therapists evidence-based breathing and relaxation techniques to support healthy minds, open hearts, and regulated bodies.
So how can teaching breathing exercises help students in the classroom?
Improves Focus 
When you bring breathwork in the classroom, you'll notice a clear shift in your students' concentration skills. 
Feel Calm and Safe
Students will learn how to calm their minds and emotions (self-soothe) and be less reactive.
Reduces Stress
Teach students how they can regulate their nervous system before a test or presentation. 
How It Works
This is a virtual or in-person breathwork teacher training workshop. Whether you're a principal, teacher, or school counselor, you reach out to me, Stephanie— your school's new breathing coach!

 want your teachers to learn evidence-based techniques to help children handle stress, self-regulate emotions, and reduce anxiety, here’s how to start: 
Step 1:
Speak with Stephanie

During your FREE consultation, you'll receive more information on the program's learning objectives, structure, and how I can help eliminate hectic classrooms through breathwork training.

Step 2:
Schedule a Workshop Date

This is a group workshop that can be hosted in-person or online.

I currently offer 
breathwork training in the Twin Cities and Brainerd, Minnesota (all the necessary props will be brought to your location). 

Step 3:
Bring Calm to the Classroom

After a short lecture on anatomy, psychology, and emotional well-being followed, I'll guide teachers and staff through breathing exercises and how to implement a routine into the classroom. 

In this 60-minute workshop  I will come to your location and offer a short lecture on breathing anatomy, psychology, and its impact on the nervous system and stress.

Teachers will leave equipped with tools to teach transformative breathwork and relaxation techniques through a trauma-informed lens designed to support student mental health.
Let’s bring calm and focus back into the classroom.
Does this sound familiar?

  • Your students are displaying increased behavioral problems.
  • You sometimes lose your cool or feel stuck in stress mode all of the time.
  • You notice more outbursts and dysregulation in the classroom.
  • Your students struggle with chronic stress and anxiety.
  • Your students lack sustained attention or focus.
  • You find it challenging to meet your students' needs.

It's time to give our teachers a break!
This program helps:
  • Reduce teacher stress and burnout 
  • Enhance educator health and well-being 
  • Improve student physical, social-emotional, and mental health
  • Improve breathing while speaking to reduce voice strain 
  • Foster a classroom and school-wide culture of wellness and self-care
Meet Your Trainer: Stephanie Esser 
Founder of Balancing Elephants | The BE Buddy®

M.A.Ed., RYT-200, Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor,  BREATHE™ Coach, and certified Oxygen Advantage® Instructor.

The breath is your superpower, and my mission is to help kids and families learn how to use it! 

When I was a teacher, I began to realize that children experience many stressors that lead to anxiety and other health issues.

With anxiety rates on the rise, I was determined to help kids learn simple, yet effective tools to navigate life’s ups and downs.  The breath is directly linked to the nervous system and is the quickest way to interrupt the stress cycle (if done correctly).

Unfortunately, most people breathe inefficiently and in a way that fuels the stress cycle. The good news is, you can quickly correct this with awareness and practice.  Making a simple change to your life can make such a positive difference to your health and wellbeing!

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