Breathe Well, Stress Less

Would you like to breathe better, stress less, and feel calmer? Do you notice that you and your kids are experiencing more stress and anxiety? Do you have a hard time concentrating and lack focus? If this sounds familiar, then this online course is for you. I created this course for people like you—parents, teachers, therapists, and health professionals who want to empower the children around them with the tools to feel calm and safe. Learn how to use your breath to control stress and not let it control you—or your kids.

Learn How to Stress Less

Inhale. Exhale. 

One thing keeps you alive and healthy while you sleep, play, love, and live: your breath. The breath keeps your heart beating and your lungs breathing and sends oxygen to your brain for sharp thinking, focus, and creativity. It’s an incredible superpower we take for granted every day.   But did you know that how you breathe directly impacts your mind, mood, and health?   Many of us get stuck in a stressed breathing pattern without realizing it; however, we can interrupt this cycle—let us show you how!
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Learn How to Breathe

Your Breath is Your Superpower- Learn How to Use It!

We breathe over 20,000 times a day, yet most people breathe too fast through the mouth, using inefficient accessory breathing muscles. This leads to chronic stress if not corrected. 83% of people with anxiety demonstrate some form of dysfunctional breathing. Source: Kiesel et al., 2017 The breath and stress connection is why we need to start paying attention to how we breathe.  Your breath is the only tool you have on you at all times. You can use it to improve focus, stress less, and even stop panic attacks on the spot. Are you a parent, educator, child therapist or caregiver who wants to learn how to stress less and confidently teach this skill to children? Do you want to teach your child how to relax and use mindful breathing? Breathe Well; Stress Less offers simple and practical techniques you can use on your own at home or in the classroom. Designed by a former school teacher and certified breathing coach, it will help children practice calming their minds and relaxing their bodies through easy-to-follow breathing exercises.

A Breathwork Course to Help You Relieve Stress, Clear Your Mind, and Reduce Anxiety

Breathe Well, Stress Less is a self-paced online course that offers a simple, evidence-based, systematic approach to unlocking the power of your breath to transform the way you feel. Breathing practices, rooted in ancient wisdom, are backed by the most recent neuroscience and are known to be the fastest way to reduce stress in real-time. Our breath influences our stress response and can either help or hurt us at all times. In this course, you will learn how to use your breath to stop panic attacks, relieve stress, and bring balance back into your life.  
Gain the Benefits of Breathing

"I wish I had discovered breathwork years ago! I struggle with anxiety and have tried meditation, but it doesn't seem to work for me. After taking this course, I learned how to breathe to soothe my nervous system and feel calm. My breathing habits were not helping my stress levels, and this course taught me how to take control of my stress by simply breathing differently."

~ Samantha, mother

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Embrace a Life of Deep Calm and Lasting Well-Being

In our course, you will find the therapeutic tools, practices, and recommendations to support your health and well-being in every breath and every moment. Through various evidence-based breathing tools and focused breathing techniques, Breathe Well, Stress Less provides safe, accessible, and practical support for healthy minds, open hearts, and regulated bodies.

You Will Leave With The Tools To

  • Understand the breathing and stress connection
  • Identify stressed and relaxed breathing styles
  • Dismantle inefficient and stressed breathing patterns
  • Breathe to stimulate the vagus nerve and stop stress anytime and anywhere
  • Implement simple, evidence-based mindfulness breathing exercises into your daily routine
  • Teach your friends, family, or children healthy breathing techniques to help them reduce stress

Who Is This For?





…or anyone who wants to help young people in their life manage stress and anxiety safely and effectively.

What's Included?

  • Self-paced, on-demand videos
  • Breathing exercises and guided practices
  • Teaching scripts for classroom or at home
  • Printable routines, tips, and videos to build better breathing habits
  • Resources for teaching breathwork to kids
breathwork online course
Time: 90-minutes, broken into seven digestible parts Pricing: $149 *online pre-recorded workshop The breath is the first and last thing we do on this earth and never leaves our side. Self-regulation breathing techniques are:
  • Accessible – Can be used anytime and anywhere
  • Effective – Backed by the most recent neuroscience research
  • Simple and inclusive
  • Free and safe
When you learn to breathe better, you can do everything else better. Learn how to use breathing as a therapeutic tool to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, and be present in a noisy world.

My Approach to Breathwork

  • Scientific – Evidence-based practices to affect the stress response quickly to boost mood and energy.
  • Simple – Can be done seated or lying down—I focus on the basics using plain English (no Sanskrit).
  • Safe & Accessible – Meant for all ages and abilities. I believe in empowering students with choice and agency that is trauma-sensitive.
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Meet Stephanie

Hi, I’m Stephanie, owner of Balancing Elephants and creator of BE Buddy®, a multisensory breathing tool that provides stress relief for kids, handmade in the USA.   As a former school teacher turned breathing coach, I see the countless benefits of implementing science-based, simple, and safe breathing techniques to help kids build self-awareness and self-regulation skills to face life head-on.   I serve as a breathing coach, using evidence-backed, straightforward, and holistic tools to help kids, parents, and caregivers tap into their inner resources to feel calm, confident, and connected!   Breathing has a substantial impact on our thoughts and feelings. It can send messages to the nervous system to quiet our minds, reduce stress, and make us feel safe and secure.   Youth anxiety rates are climbing each year, and managing the breath is the most direct route to self-regulation and stress management. This fuels my passion for helping people breathe well to stress less.   The breath is your superpower. Learn how to use it!

When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace. ~unknown

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