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Breathe Well, Stress Less

Lead the way to peace and resilience for your children…starting with YOU.


Our eight-week 1-on-1 breathwork training program, Breathe 4 Empowerment equips parents with simple, holistic, evidence-based techniques to help kids reduce anxietyimprove sleep and enhance emotional well-being and resilience.


Learn how to breathe well, stress less, and confidently teach this lifelong skill to your children. 

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Right now...

You’re likely feeling frustrated and stuck, unable to support your anxious children effectively, and that shows up in your, or your children’s, life as:

  • Feeling overreactive, irritable, and burnt out
  • Snapping at your children for no reason
  • Tight and tense in your jaw, belly, or hands
  • Chaotic bedtime routine
  • Ongoing digestive issues
  • Pain in your neck, shoulders, or lower back
  • Trouble leaving the house

You hope that...

One day you will feel in control of your own thoughts and have the tools to manage stress and overwhelm yourself so that you can be the role model your kids deserve and create a life with more joy and peace, better sleep, and calm mornings free from tears and tantrums. 

You might think...

That you have tried everything and that there is nothing you can do to eliminate anxiety, and the only solution is to treat the symptoms through medication or talk therapy, but they haven’t proven to be the long-term solution.

Maybe you've tried...

Exercising more, journaling, or visiting a laundry list of doctors to help find a medication that can take the edge off.

What you may not know...

What you may not know is that the real problem lies in your nervous system. When the body experiences anxiety, the brain and body get stuck in a fight or flight protective state, which increases the heart rate, induces fast/shallow breathing, reduces digestion, tight/tense muscles, and more. 

Discover the 3 secrets to peace and wellbeing

Secret #1

You can uncover natural ways to feel safe and calm without medications, the latest supplement trend, or constant doctor visits.

Secret #2

You can reclaim the innate tool you’ve been using effortlessly since birth and pass it on to your children, enabling them to manage stress, build resilience, and avoid harmful paths in the future.

Secret #3

The fastest way to build a calm and peaceful household, reduce tantrums, and support your child’s mental health is to stop reacting and start building this autonomic skill to promote well-being.

Introducing...Breathe 4 Empowerment

The good news is you can learn how to take back control of this response and shift from stressed to calm when you need it most!

Breathe 4 Empowerment is an eight-week breath rehabilitation program to help you relearn how to breathe the way nature intended and harness it as a powerful tool to develop a flexible nervous system, improve lung health, proactively manage stress, increase focus, foster self-awareness, reduce reactivity, and learn how to teach these skills to children, empowering them to cultivate adaptability and resilience in a constantly evolving and chaotic world.  

What to Expect

90-minute Breathing Assessment

Goal setting, and baseline assessments with a certified breathing coach to help you optimize your breathing.

Six Live Coaching Sessions

Six 45-minute live coaching sessions customized to help you meet your goals and measure progress.

Customized Breathing Exercises

A breathing routine created just for you that is science-based, simple, and safe and require just 10-15 minutes daily.

B4E Interactive Workbook

To aid you on your journey and record progress along the way.

Video Tutorials and Audio Tracks

We're here to help and guide you in a way that suits how you learn best.

Email Support

Relevant resources between sessions so you're supported every step of the way.


A 30-Day Breathing Challenge to help kickstart your routine


Breathing Routine Planner so you can implement a lasting habit

See What People Are Saying

People just like you got amazing results.

I have always known that breath is one of the most important aspects of our health and during my own healing journey I have become aware of my own dysfunctional breathing habits.

What changed after working with Stephanie?
I definitely feel my breathing has improved! I feel I breathe more efficiently and effectively. I love being able to visualize where to open up space in my body to allow full use of my lungs.

What specific results can you share?
My sleep and mood have improved! I feel more centered and calm.

How would you describe the overall atmosphere during the sessions? Totally comfortable, safe and supported. I loved working with Stephanie!

What would you say to somebody on the fence about working with us? Yes! I notice I default into techniques I learned when I am noticeably stressed- sometimes without even having to think about it!

Michelle L. • Mother/OT/Business Owner

This is perfect for you if...

  • Want to learn how to feel in control of emotions and less reactive
  • Seeking a holistic approach to physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing
  • Know that you need to slow down and feel calm, but you don’t know how
  • Feel disconnected and tired of the hamster wheel
  • Want support and encouragement on your journey to peace and comfor
  • Have anxious children who could benefit from a lifelong tool to navigate the ups and downs of life with resilience

So that you can give your kids the support they deserve

Frequently asked questions

Wondering how the service works? 

Dive into our FAQ for more details

Why should I learn how to breathe well?We breathe over 20,000 times a day, but most of us breathe inefficiently and in a way that increases stress.  

Here are a few more reasons why breathing is the lowest-hanging fruit of physical, mental, and emotional health.

• The link between the mind and body can be the catalyst for your emotional state

• Poor breathing habits magnify over a lifetime, affecting health and happiness. Many people are unaware that they are stuck in stressed breathing habits for weeks, months, or even years

• Anyone can learn it
• It is accessible
• It is drug free
• It is accessible anytime and anywhere
• It strengthens the immune system
• It stimulates movement & circulation

Benefits of breathing well?

• Improves the digestive system
• Enhances lung function (better gas exchange)
• Increases muscle performance
• Reduces neck and shoulder pain
• Improves heart health
• Lower stress levels
• Decreases blood pressure
• Regulates the nervous system

I've never done breathwork before. Is this for me?The good news is that you were born breathing well, so your body knows how to breathe well. We just need to re-learn how to breathe the way the body is designed to breathe.

Don't we breathe automatically? Why do I need to be taught how to breathe?Breathing is both voluntary and involuntary. This means that our habits play a role in how we breathe; without awareness of these habits, our breathing can become inefficient and dysfunctional.

If breathing becomes dysfunctional, your health suffers. We are all born with a healthy breathing style, but many of us lose this style and adopt unhealthy and inefficient breathing habits. The goal of breath re-training is to re-learn how to breathe optimally. 

I am already so busy, how will I find the time for breathing exercises?The customized breathing routine will only take 10-15 minutes a day and can be added to your normal exercise routine as a warm-up or cool down. 

What qualifications do you have for teaching breathwork?My combined passion for teaching and breathwork will give you the best experience and expertise to get your body to breathe well again. As a mother, I see the need for new tools to manage stress and pass these essential skills down to our children. I invite you to join me on a transformative experience that is practical, fun, and effective!

My Certifications/Credentials:

• MA in Education (I have a passion for teaching!)
• RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher)
• Yoga Alliance member
• Level 2 BREATHE™ Coach (under Dr. Belisa Vranich)
• Oxygen Advantage Functional Breathing Coach (Patrick McKeown)
• Yoga Body® Breathing Coach (Lucas Rockwood)
• Yoga 4 Teens Instructor
• Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor
• Trauma-informed yoga and instructional practices
• CPR AED certified
• Licensed and Insured for Liability

How long does it take to see results?The time it takes varies for each person due to factors like breathing habits, age, and more. Some individuals have experienced results within a few days, while for others, it might take a few weeks.

Your commitment to daily exercises and staying mindful throughout the day will play a significant role in the outcome.

Stephanie Esser breathing coach minnesota

Meet your Coach

Stephanie, MAEd., speaker and certified breathing coach, is the visionary behind Balancing Elephants, Inc - a company dedicated to helping parents of anxious kids develop resilience and coping skills from within using simple, safe, and effective breathing methods. She is also the creator of the BE Buddy® – an innovative multisensory breathing toy and relaxation tool designed to help kids practice breathwork to manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop into resilient, confident adults free from anxiety.

Stephanie believes that in a world filled with excessive medication and numerous distractions, the most effective approach for both children and adults to handle stress, boost energy levels, and prioritize well-being is by establishing a deep connection with their breath. Recognizing the inherent power of their breath enables individuals to effortlessly transition from a state of stress to calmness at any time and anywhere. 

Through the thoughtful integration of various breathing techniques, Stephanie has crafted a simple and effective step-by-step coaching program that empowers parents to breathe in alignment with nature's design and equips them to model and teach these invaluable skills to children. With a scientific foundation, combined with her background as a trauma-informed educator, certified yoga instructor, and breathing coach, Stephanie's breathwork method is proven to deliver measurable client results and lifelong tools to support physical, mental, and emotional health. 

The breath is a superpower!

Learn how to use it to reduce stress and anxiety, improve focus, feel connected, and be present in a noisy world.

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