curious child
Learning | Parent Tips

4 Essential Benefits of Curiosity in Children

Curiosity is one of those beautiful innate qualities that encourage children to learn and explore them. Curiosity in children is apparent even as early newborns trying to decipher their surroundings. It’s a quality that is both wondrous and sometimes inconvenient – and one that has significant benefits.  Do you have a curious child? 4 Essential Benefits of Curiosity in Children That natural curiosity in children doesn’t often fit in the

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how to raise a confident child
Parenting Tips

How to Raise a Confident Child

We all want to see our children flourish and grow into confident adults. But what does raising confident kids actually mean? Let’s explore specific ways we can help children build confidence. 5 Keys for How to Raise a Confident Child Think of building confidence like building with blocks. It’s not one big effort that does the job. It’s the impact of many small connections that create strength that can weather

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coping strategies for kids
Coping Skills

Simple and Effective Coping Skills for Kids

Kids naturally experience a wide array of emotions – from excitement to sadness to frustration. While these emotions are part of being human, some of them can be uncomfortable and difficult to feel. The right coping skills for kids can help them work through tough emotions and build resilience. What are Coping Skills? Coping skills can be used to process difficult emotions, handle stressful moments, and find solutions for life’s

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multisensory learning

How to Use Multisensory Learning Every Day

Multisensory learning embraces the fact that children have different learning styles. What inspires creativity and learning in one child may cause another child to feel like they’re stuck. The key is discovering which learning style works best so you can cultivate a deep love of learning for every child. What is Multisensory Learning? Multisensory learning theory acknowledges that learning happens through our five senses. We receive information in various ways,

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self-care for kids

9 Self-Care Ideas for Kids

You’ve probably heard the term “self-care” a lot recently. While it’s a trending topic, taking care of yourself isn’t just a fad. It’s an integral part of building self-worth and creating a fulfilling life. And it’s not just for grown-ups-kids need self-care too! Explaining Self-Care to Kids Helping kids learn the importance of self-care builds habits and mindsets that will benefit them for a lifetime. Self-care might sound complicated, but

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positive affirmations for kids
Parenting Tips | Coping Skills

27 Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids

The power of developing a positive mindset will benefit children for a lifetime. Using daily affirmations for kids is one way to introduce them to positive thinking. Positive affirmations help children “talk back” to negativity and become aware of how thoughts influence how they feel. Why Use Positive Affirmations for Kids Our brains evolved with a bias toward the negative. In the past, focusing on potential negatives like predators and

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childhood stress
Childhood Stress

The Effects of Childhood Stress and How You Can Help

The Effects of Childhood Stress and How You Can Help Childhood stress is a natural part of life, and it’s not necessarily an entirely negative one. Our job is to help children reduce stress when possible and develop healthy coping skills when stress is unavoidable. How Childhood Stress Affects the Mind and Body What is stress exactly? Biologically speaking, stress is anything that activates the sympathetic nervous system. This leads

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calm down corner
Calming |Self-Regulation

How to Create a Calm Down Corner for Kids

A calm down corner is a great strategy to use if you’re a teacher, caregiver, or parent. The calm corner creates a specific place for children to practice the skills they need to self-soothe, regulate emotions, and process feelings in a positive, integrated way. Why Create a Calm Down Corner A calm down corner gives children a dedicated space where they can break from overwhelming emotions and center themselves. Knowing

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Deep belly breathing for kids

Benefits of Belly Breathing for Kids

Benefits of Belly Breathing for Kids Did you know that changing the way you breathe can change the way you feel? Stop what you are doing right now. That’s right….STOP! Now take in a deep breath through your nose, filling up your lungs with air and pausing at the top. Then, slowly exhale the air out until your lungs are empty. What did you notice? Taking a slow and intentional

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stress relief strategies for kids
Stress Tools

8 Stress Management Activities for Kids

8 Stress Management Activities for Kids “I’ve had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened.”  ~ Mark Twain How can we help our kids find relief from stress, worry, and anxiety? Learn simple stress management activities to help your child with stress relief and coping skills. We all have worried – and a little worry can be a good thing (since it brings our attention

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