Kids Bedtime Routine
Parenting Tips

Creating the Perfect Bedtime Routine for Kids

A bedtime routine for kids can be tricky to implement, but it’s also completely worth the effort. Having a solid bedtime routine can reduce your child’s stress levels (and yours!). It’s also a great time to practice key rituals for promoting relaxation and teaching good sleep habits. Why a Bedtime Routine for Kids is So Important Here are three reasons a bedtime routine for kids has a positive impact on

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progressive muscle relaxation for kids

Progressive Muscle Relaxation for Kids

What is Progressive Muscle Relaxation? Progressive muscle relaxation for kids is an effective mind-body relaxation technique that helps children recognize and release stress and tension.  Kids with anxiety are often tense throughout the day without even realizing it, so helping them tune into the sensations of tension and relaxation will be a useful tool for their stress-busting toolbox. When our bodies are stressed, our muscles tense up. This can lead

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Parent Tips

Relaxation Techniques for Kids: Tools For Anxiety and Stress

The other day, a teacher friend of mine asked me, “What are some relaxation techniques for kids?” I didn’t have to ask why— the panic and loose desperation were written all over her face. Our world is moving fast. Our youth today has many luxuries at their fingertips that we didn’t have. However, many adults (like my teacher friend) are noticing a change in their kids. Children are more vigilant

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stress effects on the body
Childhood Stress

Physical Stress Effects On The Body

Our bodies are well equipped to handle acute doses of stress, but it results in various stress effects on the body when it becomes chronic or long-lasting.  Learn some of the common ways stress creeps into the body and what you can do to help your child build their stress-busting toolbox. What causes stress on the body Stress is anything a person perceives to be a threat. It is an

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coping strategies for kids
Coping Skills

Simple and Effective Coping Skills for Kids

Kids naturally experience a wide array of emotions – from excitement to sadness to frustration. While these emotions are part of being human, some of them can be uncomfortable and difficult to feel. The right coping skills for kids can help them work through tough emotions and build resilience. What are Coping Skills? Coping skills can be used to process difficult emotions, handle stressful moments, and find solutions for life’s

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breathing routine for kids

Breathing Exercises for Kids: How to Make a Routine

Daily breathing practice can have a profound impact on your child’s health and wellness. With consistent practice, breathing exercises for kids can help reduce stress, improve lung function, increase circulation, and boost concentration. These exercises can be simple and fun – and you’ll notice a difference right away! Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. Why Practice Deep Breathing for Kids? Deep breathing is an essential part of teaching

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Deep belly breathing for kids

Benefits of Belly Breathing for Kids

Benefits of Belly Breathing for Kids Did you know that changing the way you breathe can change the way you feel? Stop what you are doing right now. That’s right….STOP! Now take in a deep breath through your nose, filling up your lungs with air and pausing at the top. Then, slowly exhale the air out until your lungs are empty. What did you notice? Taking a slow and intentional

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BE Buddy Stress Relief Toy

The BE Buddy® Story

Meet the BE Buddy®, a one-of-a-kind multi-sensory stress relief toy for kids! Amid Mental Health Awareness Week, now is the time to empower our children with the tools to feel calm, confident, and connected. BE Buddy® is a therapy toy encouraging kids to develop strategies to promote healthy habits and coping strategies for life! Background Stephanie Esser, RYT-200, certified BREATHE™ Coach, a former elementary school teacher, and a Yoga Calm®

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balloon breathing

Learn How to Breathe Well + Breathwork Benefits

Did you know that we take up to 23,000 breaths each day? Learn to make them count! Most of us are never actually taught how to breathe well. Breathing is just something we do automatically without thinking about it. When we learn to breathe well, we can harness the powerful benefits of breathwork. What is Breathwork? Breathwork is simply the practice of doing breathing exercises in order to breathe well

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Breathing Exercises for the Kinesthetic Learning Style

Does your child have a hard time sitting still? Or do they get bored while listening for long periods of time? If so, it could be that your child is a kinesthetic learner.  And considering there 8 different types of intelligences, your child might just need their own kinesthetic learning style to settle down and concentrate. RELATED: What Is Multiple Intelligences? What is a Kinesthetic Learning Style?  By definition, a kinesthetic

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