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BE Buddy® Breathing Animal

My name is Stephanie Esser, M.A.Ed., RYT-200, Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor, and BREATHE™ Coach. 

I began my career as an elementary school teacher in 1996. I have always been passionate about teaching youth. Identifying and fostering individuality and nurturing uniqueness has always been a high priority for me.  

Over 20 years later, my passion has grown to fuel the home and educational environment with relevant and innovative tools to meet the needs of children today. I believe that now more than ever, we need to rethink our current methods by offering children helpful tools to reach their fullest potential. 

This is why I became a breathing coach. 

With constant media exposure, violence, over-scheduling, competitive academic standards, changing family structures, poor diets, and social media distractions, kids face increased stress and anxiety levels. To respond to this challenge, I believe that we collectively need to meet children’s’ physical, emotional, and mental needs. 

We are not born knowing how to handle stress, and without the appropriate tools to manage it, children can follow a much more damaging path. By integrating mindful breathing and relaxation techniques into their daily routine, we will stimulate the roots of love and compassion and promote healthy life choices for, not only children but also those who guide them.

Yoga Calm® Certified Youth Instructor
The Breathing Class™ Certified Coach-Stephanie Esser
Registered Yoga Teacher-Yoga Alliance Stephanie Esser

“My BE Buddy® really helps me to relax, I use it on a regular basis. The lavender and herbs in it smell so great and I love to set it over my eyes. I highly recommend Be Buddies! I think everyone should have one!”

--BE Buddy® Etsy Shop Customer
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