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“To inspire and empower students with tools to build focus, strength and compassion towards self and others.”


About BE Buddy®

The inspiration for the BE Buddy began in a kindergarten classroom while Stephanie was guiding the students in a breathing practice using stuffed animals to teach them how to use slow belly breaths to feel calm and grounded. After experiencing issues with their stuffed animals falling off their bellies, causing a distraction around them, Stephanie decided to create her own tool to aid in these breathing exercises. So, she developed a multi-sensory “breathing buddy” tool to use while teaching these brain/body practices shaped and weighted in a way that was stable and secure on the child’s belly and evert element of the BE Buddy was intentionally designed to integrate these practices into their daily life and to help kids develop wellness from the inside out!


About Stephanie

As an elementary educator, certified BREATHE™ coach, and Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor, Stephanie started Balancing Elephants in 2017 – a program where she taught yoga and breathing exercises to both children and adults. During her time teaching classes, Stephanie realized that kids are especially susceptible to stress and anxiety and could use a “buddy” to practice belly breathing daily to manage emotions and self-regulate.

Elementary Educator

  • MA in Education from Saint Mary’s University in 2000
  • Licensed Elementary Teacher (grades 1-6)
  • Over 20 years of working with children professionally and in various volunteer positions
  • CPR AED Certified
  • Trauma-informed yoga and instructional practices

Certified Yoga & BREATHE™ Instructor

  • RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) 
  • Yoga Alliance member
  • Certified BREATHE™ Instructor (under Dr. Belisa Vranich)
  • Certified Yoga Sculpt Instructor
  • Certified through Yoga 4 Teens Instructor
  • Licensed and Insured for Liability

Yoga Calm Instructor

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