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27 Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids

27 Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids
May 13, 2020 Stephanie Esser

27 Daily Positive Affirmations for Kids



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The power of developing a positive mindset will benefit children for a lifetime. Using daily affirmations for kids is one way to introduce them to positive thinking. Positive daily affirmations help children “talk back” to negativity and become aware of how thoughts influence how they feel.

Why Use Positive Affirmations for Kids


Our brains evolved with a bias toward the negative. In the past, focusing on potential negatives like predators and famine helped us prepare for these problems. However, this means that even when things are going well, our minds can stay fixated on the negative.  

Read more about how our negativity bias works in this fascinating article.

Because of this built-in bias, we have to work to focus on the positive intentionally.

We can do this in a few ways:

• Practicing gratitude and appreciation

• Revisiting positive experiences we’ve had in the past

• Developing positive self-talk through daily affirmations


I created this PDF specifically to help you guide children to develop more positive self-talk.

Today I want to focus on how to use daily affirmations with kids. This powerful practice helps wire their brains to see the good in life. Children’s brains are growing and developing, so it’s the perfect time to teach them these positive habits.

How to Use Positive Affirmations with Kids


The key to daily affirmations is to use them daily!

Our minds absorb a lot of negative self-talk each day, and it’s important to counter that with positive words.

Here are some tips for how to use daily affirmations for kids:

• Have your child pick 2-3 affirmations to work with for a week. When they get to choose, they’re more likely to enjoy the practice. Print these 27 Daily Affirmations to start your daily practice.  

• Go over each affirmation they choose and discuss what it means. Look for real-life examples. For instance, ask your child, “What does it mean to be thoughtful and kind? How do you think challenges help you grow?”

• Write notes with the affirmations and leave them on the mirror or refrigerator to remind your child (and you!) to practice them daily.

• Use realistic affirmations. Affirmations work best when kids can genuinely believe them. For example, “practice helps me get better at things” is a real concept children can use in daily life.

This article does a fantastic job explaining how to use positive affirmations with kids.

positive affirmations for kids

27 Daily Affirmations for Kids

  1. Need some inspiration for creating positive daily affirmations? Here are some encouraging phrases kids can use to feel more positive, connected, and grounded: Free Printable! 
    1. I am good enough, just being myself.

    2. Every day is a fresh start.

    3. I deserve love and kindness, no matter what.

    4. Practice helps me get better at things.

    5. I take everything one step at a time.

    6. I can make a difference.

    7. I am thoughtful and kind.

    8. I can find new ways to solve problems.

    9. I look for ways to help others.

    10. I learn from my mistakes.

    11. There is no one in the world, just like me.

    12. I can take deep breaths to calm down.

    13. Challenges help me grow and learn.

    14. I can always do my best in everything I do.

    15. I treat myself and others with respect.

    16. I encourage others to do their best.

    17. I can be brave even when I’m afraid.

    18. I stand up for what I believe in.

    19. I get better every day.

    20. When something is hard, I keep trying.

    21. I enjoy new adventures.

    22. I am honest and fair.

    23. I’m a good listener.

    24. I trust myself and make good choices.

    25. I can create awesome things.

    26. My smile brightens the day.

    27. Being myself is great!

Let’s Help Kids Experience Positivity and Happiness

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