Breathe Well to BE Well

Learn how to help your child unlock  the mind-body “switch” that unleashes their calming, focus-enhancing superpower

BE Buddy Tillywig Toy Award Winner

Meet BE Buddy®- A mindful tool to help kids breathe well to BE well.

We make breathing fun so that parents can help their kids build healthy breathing habits early in life and go from anxious to calm when they need it most.

BE Buddy® will help your child use their breath to:

  • Relax the mind and body in minutes
  • Learn lifelong tools to deal with stress and anxiety 
  • Connect and feel present at the moment
  • Improve focus 
  • Regulate emotions

The breath is nature’s real-time tool for stress management. 

BE Buddy How-To Videos

How we help kids breathe well to BE well

Do your children have a hard time winding down before bed or struggle with transitions throughout the day?

If this sounds familiar, then we are here to help! Did you know that low and slow belly breathing is scientifically proven to calm the nervous system? 

With daily practice, kids can harness the power of their breath to settle their bodies and relax their minds on the spot. The BE Buddy® makes breathing fun and is a tangible reminder to Breathe on Purpose “BOP” every day, building healthy breathing habits and self-soothing strategies early in life.

Your breath is your superpower. Help your kids learn how to use it!

Are you a classroom teacher with a growing number of overwhelmed and stressed students? Neuroscience proves the power of the breath and its ability to shift from a stressed state to a state of self-regulation, focus, and connection. 

New times require new tools and the BE Buddy® is an excellent addition to a calm classroom corner or regulation station. As a teacher, you know the importance of making learning fun, and the BE Buddy® makes breathing fun!

With practice, kids will learn how to use their breath to shift from calm to focused when they need it most.

Children’s mental health has caught our attention recently, and now, amidst a global pandemic, anxiety rates in youth are staggering. 

Are you aware of the power of the breath in helping kids calm anxiety and learn essential coping skills to manage the waves of life?

The breath may not be the only solution to stress and anxiety, but it is an excellent place to start. Empowering kids with tools and strategies to pause and breathe when things get tough can make all of the difference.

If breathwork is part of your process, you might find the BE Buddy® helpful in supporting parents in building a breathing routine at home.

BE Buddy® is a mindful tool to help kids breathe well to BE well.

Is This You or Your Child?

  • Having trouble getting to sleep at night?
  • Struggling with tummy troubles?
  • Experiencing increased stress and anxiety?
  • Losing your breath quickly?

You Can Breathe Better to:

  • Break poor breathing habits
  • Manage anxiety and stress
  • Build strong lungs
  • Enhance athletic performance 
  • Regulate and manage emotions
be buddy breathing buddy

How We Help

  • Breathing coaching sessions for individuals, families, groups or organizations who want to improve their life one breath at a time.
  • Learn HOW to breathe correctly and reduce stress!
  • We help strengthen your breathing muscles.
  • Breathing properly is accessible, free, and life-transforming!

Kind Words from Our Friends

We were so excited to introduce our Yoga Calm® workshop participants to the BE BUDDY™. Immediately they were used for our guided relaxation section. Staff LOVED them and we, along with them, feel they are a beautiful fun way to engage youth in breathwork, movement, and rest.  The BE BUDDY™ provides the weight and scent that allow the eyes to rest. And when our eyes are able to soften it allows the brain/body to move out of stress. Thank you, Stephanie, for your creativity and belief in youth wellness.” 

Kathy Flaminio, founder and CEO of 1000 Petals LLC and Move Mindfully®

“My name is Georgie and I have three kids.  We lead very busy lives with activities and scramble on most days with some overscheduling.  I’ve tried to help my kids in the past by guided nose-mouth breathing, which works, but it wouldn’t last longer than a minute.  After trying the BE Buddy™ it was apparent that this lovely lavender scented cutie is a useful tool!  It helps them focus on the deep belly breaths, and focus more on a mindfulness routine.  They like to keep them on their nightstands as a daily reminder to check in with themselves.  I have seen this help offset their daily stresses, and would recommend them to anyone with busy lives like ours.”

Georgie GrantLakeville, MN

We received our BE Buddies in the mail this morning and they are AMAZING! Thank you so much. My kids have each chosen their favourites and are so in love with them. My 6-year-old has been carrying his around all day telling me he’s taking it to bed with him tonight, and my 2-year-old put hers straight into her calm down space so she can use it later. It was very sweet. Well done on creating such a brilliant product, I have no doubt we’re going to be using them a lot!!”

Sarah ConwayPsychologist, Owner and Founder of Mindful Little Minds

“Breathing slow helps me feel calm when I am stressed.” 

-Grace, age 9

Hi, I'm Stephanie!

My name is Stephanie Esser, M.A.Ed., RYT-200, Yoga Calm® Youth Instructor, and BREATHE™ Coach. 

The breath is a superpower, and I want to teach kids and families HOW to use it! The breath is the link between the mind and body. We have all heard the phrase when someone is upset or stressed, “Just breathe.” 

However, most people don’t know how to breathe correctly. This is my mission! I want to teach kids and families how to breathe the way the body wants to breathe. Making a simple change to your life can make such a positive difference to your health and wellbeing. As your breathing coach, I can help you learn how to use it! During my time teaching yoga and breathing exercises, I realized that children in our society experience a vast array of stressors that lead to anxiety and other health issues.  The breath is directly linked to the nervous system and is the quickest way to interrupt the stress cycle. Let me show you how!

Our breath affects every aspect of our being, and it is something we can access anytime, anywhere, and it is FREE!. With a bit of training and awareness, kids can utilize this “superpower” throughout their life.